A family history


Charles Boinaud


Michel Boinaud


Xavier Boinaud


Eric Boinaud


Rémi & Charles Boinaud

We are very lucky in that we know where we have come from, and the direction in which we must continue.

This is something that my brother Charles and I have come to appreciate since we took over the running of the family estate, with its 420 hectares (just over 1,000 acres) in the Angeac-Champagne region, in the heart of Grande Champagne, Cognac’s “Premier Cru” where the finest cognacs are produced.

Our forefathers have been working on this estate since 1640, but we owe a special debt to our grandfather, Michel Boinaud, a man very much in the pioneer mould, whose boldness, conviction and perseverance enabled him to gain further hectares and to establish the Boinaud distillery.

And also our fathers, who acquired the historic brands of De Luze Cognac and J. Dupont Cognac. In our turn, as the 24th generation, we have worked to internationalize these brands, further enrich our portfolio of ultra-premium brands and to secure the quality and quantity of our production.” Rémi Boinaud, representing the 24th generation.

Rémi Boinaud, representing the 24th generation