Winegrowers, distillers and coopers

Domaine Boinaud’s soul resides in its vines in Grand Champagne, The generous nature of its cognacs results from its method of distilling on the lees and its production capacity - it is the biggest family-run distillery in the region, Their aromas of oak and Charentais rancio come from its own barrel production, In the cellars, where the “angel’s share” evaporates, the cognacs age and their remarkable characters evolve, And finally, after bottling, they are ready to be tasted and enjoyed…

From the vine to the glass, from creation to the tasting experience, we control every process, taking a meticulous approach and always striving to work in an exemplary fashion. The promise of a family, the expertise of its workforce.

Géry Combaud, Estates Director; Eric Rey, Cellar Master and Pascal Archambeau, Master Cooper